This month, we need

to beat the heat.

In our summer months, Edmonton’s homeless don’t have protection from rain and heat. Many of our clients face dehydration and hypothermia because they can’t access basic needs like water, clothing and shelter.

We provide water bottles, hats, sunscreen and rain gear to our clients. And you can help.

It only takes 10% fluid loss
for potentially life threatening symptoms to occur.

With minimal access to running water and water fountains, many of our clients face severe dehydration in the summer heat.

More people die of hypothermia in the summer than in the winter.

It’s essential that our clients keep warm and dry with waterproof clothing before hypothermia sets in.

Thousands of water bottles are handed out every year.

But the need is always there.

You can help save a life.

By purchasing essential items to donate, you will help those in need survive the summer.

Thank you

for supporting JULY basic need.


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