This month,

we need socks.

Take a moment and think about your socks. They keep your feet dry, warm and cozy. And if they don’t – you get new ones. They’re disposable, unless you can’t afford another pair.

Our homeless clients spend much of their time walking the streets – day and night, in the bitter cold, wearing out their socks with no means to replace them.

Help us by giving the gift of warm feet this winter.

Without a good pair of socks - our clients can face amputations.

About 40% of our clients have diabetes, which often causes circulation problems that can lead to amputations. Without good socks, this problem increases. Even clients who aren't predisposed to these issues face problems with foot rot because of wet socks.

We hand out thousands of socks

- but the need continues.

And it's only possible with support from people like you.

Your donation will ensure our clients get help when they need it most.

Thank you

for supporting November's basic need.


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