• Harm Reduction saves lives, makes a difference.

    Street Works Manager Marliss Taylor talks about the importance of the harm reduction model and why it is imperative to the safety of the Boyle Street community.

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  • Bring your team and give back.

    As part of our Drop-In program here at Boyle Street Community Services we offer Breakfast, Lunch and Late Lunch to our community. Help support this program by sponsoring a meal and serving it to the community.

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  • Do you #KnowYourFwords???

    The Boyle Street employment readiness program Water Wings offers Flagger, Food Safety and First Aid tickets to the general public. These tickets have proven to increase employment prospects and are attractive to potential employers. Additionally, these tickets are available for both individuals and groups!

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Boyle Street helps people,
builds community

Boyle Street Community Services has been working in the inner city of Edmonton since 1971 to serve, support, and empower people to take control of their lives and escape the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Boyle Street Community Services provides 39 programs and services to over 9000 individuals every year.

The mission of Boyle Street Community Services is to build and provide community support for people with multiple barriers to inclusion. Our vision is to see that all people grow healthier through involvement in strong, accepting and respectful communities.

Many of our daily clients are either sleeping rough or in shelters. They are all, without exception, extremely poor, and many of them are marginalized because of their ethnicity and their poverty. Because of the challenges of street life, we focus on providing cultural, outreach, mental health, housing, family and youth, and employment services. Our inclusive Drop-In compliments these services and provides our community a place to enjoy great food, warmth, and companionship.

We offer a variety of housing and shelter options in Edmonton ranging from group homes designed to support at-risk youth to a 62-unit apartment building which houses many people who were previously homeless.

We also partner with other agencies to provide services that complement those offered by Boyle Street Community Service. These range from child and youth programs to needle exchange and health supports for street involved sex trade workers.

At the heart of our work, we listen, care and empower our clients in order to assist them to find solutions to their challenges. Our community members are diverse, and we welcome everyone. We serve adults, youth, and families and are proud to act as a knowledgeable resource for aboriginal, LGBTQ and new immigrant communities.