This month, we are helping

people get jobs.

And you can help.

Through our Water Wings program, we help build skills specific to a person’s employment goals, including working toward their high school diploma or trades certificates. We’re here for people to overcome the barriers that will move them from struggling to survive to having greater independence and making a meaningful contribution to society.



of our clients are trying to find jobs.

Those who come to us typically face multiple barriers, including mental illness, addictions, and racial discrimination. Their life history and circumstances have meant that they are also excluded from meaningful employment.

Clients like


In the past six months,
  we've helped 200 clients find jobs.

Years ago, Mark entered the program when he was living in a homeless shelter and struggling to find full-time employment. His dream was to find a job as an apprentice welder. With Water Wings' help, he updated his resume, completed Construction Safety Training System (CSTS), practiced his interview skills and applied for numerous jobs. His dedication and hard work led him to achieve his dream: he was hired by DFI Corporation as a 1st year apprentice welder. Mark is now earning a great wage and working toward becoming a fully certified welder.

This month, we are helping people get jobs.

And you can help, too. Your support contributes to many of our clients having the opportunity to gain a greater sense of self worth.

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