This holiday season, we need

to give warmth.

Coming home to a warm house after a day battling through the cold is what gets us through December. Sadly, many people in Edmonton don’t have this. For our clients, getting through a cold day just means surviving. Warm clothing means the difference between life and death. Help us keep people warm by purchasing toques, gloves, boots and coats.

Every winter, lives are lost due to the cold.

Living on the street means being exposed to the elements. Because of this, our clients have been known to die of hypothermia, and there are instances where limbs have had to be amputated because of frostbite.

Keeping warm means better health, and a better life.

Warm clothing gives our clients the ability to keep themselves healthy during the winter. Good health is pivotal to finding the strength to heal.

Help us give much-needed warmth.

Thank you

for supporting December's basic need.


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