This month, we need

emergency funds.

Day-to-day living for our community members can be tough. But in emergency situations, it gets tougher. When an emergency arises, such as an out of town death or serious illness of a loved one, an accident, or an act of violence, they’re unable to pay the costs of travel or recovery.

That’s why we have an emergency fund – and it’s only possible with donations from people like you.

In emergency,
the need is greater than ever.

Many of our clients are impoverished and homeless and have little ability to pay for their most basic needs. In emergency situations, our clients don’t have the funds to deal with the issue, making many feel lost, hopeless and scared.



Since November 2011, more than

120 clients

have been helped
by the emergency fund.

We’ve helped people escape violent situations, attend out of town funerals and be with a seriously ill loved one. We also help pay for emergency dental work after an accident or act of violence.

And it's only possible with support from people like you.

Your donation will ensure our clients get help when they need it most.

Thank you

for supporting April's basic need.


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