This month, we need to provide

ID cards.

Without a home, you can’t get an ID. Without an ID, you can’t get a home. That’s why we’re here. Boyle Street acts as proof of residence and helps with the cost for thousands of people to the right to government-issued legal identification.

But it’s only possible with your help.


of homeless people in Edmonton need identification cards.
Having identification is a basic human right, right? To obtain government-issued identification, you need a home address and $50 - two things many of our clients don't have. Without an ID, they are unable to access services, open bank accunts, fill prescriptions, or even use the food bank.



Within three months of receiving their ID's,

95% of clients

get housing, better health care and/or jobs.

With help from people like you, we were able to change the lives of over 1,300 people last year by providing them with identification.

Your support changes lives.

Donating just $50 could transform a person's entire life by giving them an identity - and that's one of the most incredible things you could do.

Thank you

for supporting March's basic need.


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