The Challenge

Boyle Street Community Services urgently needs to replace its aging facility to meet growing demand for its services, to better coordinate its social services partnerships, and to implement social enterprises to effectively break the cycle of poverty of its clients.

Moving Forward – Our Plan to Get There

Moving Forward is a project Boyle Street initiated over a year ago to replace its building and co-locate services with partner organizations.


Moving Forward envisions the following:

A building …

A mixed-use building that will contain affordable housing and permanent supportive housing; co-located services with partner organizations, social enterprises; areas for members of our community to meet indoors; and space for indigenous ceremonies.

… that is about the people.

A cross-sector collaborative approach to delivering services to clients in an integrated manner that is focused on improving client social outcomes and shifts away from expensive reactionary interventions (policing, apprehending children…) to less expensive, preventative programming (family supports, harm reduction…).

Moving Forward will target improved outcomes related to:

  • aboriginal inclusion & healing
  • addictions & mental health
  • multi-generational trauma & racism
  • overall homelessness & poverty reduction

Moving Forward will be reconciliation in action.


Moving Forward has five phases:

  • Phase 1: STRATEGY (Completed)
  • Phase 2: CONCEPT (Where we are today)
  • Phase 3: DESIGN
  • Phase 4: BUILD
  • Phase 5: OPERATE

The CONCEPT Phase builds a detailed business case including the investment, benefits, and risks associated with the Design, Build, and Operate phases of Moving Forward.

In building the business case, Boyle Street will:

  • Cultivate a dialog that fosters strong community engagement
  • Finalize the partner organization services that will co-located
  • Finalize the social enterprises to be established
  • Define the collaborative services delivery business model
  • Determine housing requirements for the residential part of the building
  • Determine the mixed-use building’s design parameters
  • Scope out the transition plan to move Boyle Street’s 39 existing services to the new building

Alberta Human Services and the Alberta Social Housing Corporation are financially supporting Boyle Street Community Services during the CONCEPT Phase.

The CONCEPT Phase is expected to be completed by June 2017.