“Helpful tips for accessing resources (getting stuff).”

That is the goal of the newest inner-city community booklet called Street Ways, a joint project between 8 agencies (including Boyle Street Community Services), designed to help homeless individuals navigate Edmonton’s vast network of agencies, programs, and services while providing tips for living on the streets.

Street Ways is a unique approach to the dissemination of information to Edmonton’s homeless population. The booklet is written by folks that have experienced homelessness themselves with the goal of ensuring the language is clear, informative, and presented in a way that is accessible to individuals living rough.


Beyond the basics, (including a map of inner-city agencies in Edmonton) the booklet includes information on how to access specialized services, provides health information for those living rough, and provides tips for dealing with police, EMS, and other emergency services.

Hardcopy versions of the Street Ways booklets are available at Boyle Street in Streetworks.

Download a copy of Street Ways